Who responsible for food quality?

EAT.ch is an intermediate and works as channel to send your order to the restaurant. EAT.ch's only responsibility is to send your order to the selected restaurant. This means that we have no influence on the quality of the food or on the delivery service.

If you are not satisfied with your order, contact the restaurant on the phone number provided in the confirmation email. You can also contact our customer service (contact) . We will then try to find a satisfactory solution for you and the restaurant.

How do I rate my order?

To rate the quality of the food and the delivery service provided by the restaurants on our website, we use a feedback system. The registered ratings appear on the website as stars under each restaurant's logo.

A couple of hours after placing your order, you receive an email from EAT.ch. By clicking on the link provided in the email, you will be able to rate the delivery and the quality of your order. Your opinion is very important, it will help other customers make their choice while visiting our website.

We kindly ask you to respect our code of conduct. We take this very seriously and will remove reviews that do not adhere to our code of conduct. In general we accept every kind of feedback as long it is truthful and does not contain insults, abuse or other illegal content. This includes threats, defamation and also sexist, extremist and racist comments. Reviews need to be free of advertising and inappropriate links. You can only review the restaurants and the ordered food.

If you want to review EAT.ch, we like to refer you to Trustpilot.

The restaurant did not receive my order.

You placed an order on EAT.ch but the selected restaurant says that they have not received the order. In this case contact our customer service. We will immediately check if the order has been confirmed or not by the restaurant. Keep in mind that the transmission of an order can take up to maximum 15 minutes, depending on the restaurant's connection and reactivity.